Selection Criteria

Many people often feel overwhelmed when addressing selection criteria. But from an employer’s point of view, they provide an equitable means to measure each job applicant’s suitability to perform the duties of position. Your ability to demonstrate your level of competency against each selection criterion is very important, reflecting competencies such as communication and teamwork. Essential criteria are those absolutely necessary to do the job, so you should be competent in them all to be competitive for the position. Desirable criteria are those not necessary for you to have, but would assist you in carrying out the job. In a competitive environment, your ability to satisfy desirable criteria will become more important.

Responding to selection criteria can be tricky for clients, so as 1300 RESUME are PUBLIC SERVICE SPECIALISTS, we work with you to:

help you identify relevant experiences,
consider how you might use each experience as an example,
decide which experiences best describe your behaviours within related activities and situations,
highlight positive outcomes as a result of your involvement.

Government departments and increasingly private sector organisations use selection criteria in staff selection processes. These organisations require you to address each criterion as an attached, but separate document, so your application may include the following, which is normally submitted online via their website:

Application Form
Cover Letter
Statement of Claims addressing the selection criteria

Pricing & Order Process

Our ‘Silver Government Package’ is priced at $ 595 (Entry to Mid Level Jobs) or $ 695 (Senior Level/IT/Technical) including a Selection Criteria response for 1 position together with a new resume and cover letter and complimentary interview phone via phone. We understand clients have various needs and budgets, hence you can order a Selection Criteria response only or contract us to prepare all documents for you. Existing clients will receive a discount should they choose to utilise our resume services for numerous selection criteria responses i.e. bulk discounts apply.

Just need Selection Criteria? Happy with your Resume?

We would be pleased to assist you. A government selection criteria response only is priced from $ 395 to $ 450 inc GST depending on the level of project and complexity – we spend around 3-4+ hours wording the responses for your application, spending additional time discussing the project via the phone with you and also any changes to make once you have received the finished draft via email. If you require several selection criteria responses, ask us about bulk discounts, we are most happy to provide flexible payment and price options that suit your needs and budget.

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