1300 RESUME Guarantee

Resume Package Guarantee

The Guarantee: Secure at least 1 job interview within 30 days or we will re-write your résumé and provide a FREE cover letter. Conditions: The client must participate actively in various job searching activities to take advantage of our guarantee. You must be actively searching for positions in your field of expertise, defined as applying for at least 10 positions of which you are qualified within 30 days of résumé completion. Client must contact 1300 RESUME within 7 days after the 30 day job searching period. Proof of positions applied for must be provided to the staff of 1300 RESUME for verification of qualifications required on the job advertisements. Client must provide supporting documentation and evidence of applications submitted.

Résumé Updates Exceeding 60 Days

If existing clients require updates to their résumé exceeding 60 days after the résumé preparation date, updates are available for $ 75.00 including unlimited changes, additions and re-designing of the format to suit their current objectives. Chargeable résumé updates are normally undertaken when the clients have completed additional training, attained new employment, achievements and other information such as a completely new objectives and skill section due to a desired career transition or desire to re-focus their work into a new field, often 6 months to 2 years following the set-up of their original resume by our team, hence the additional cost as we are in effect creating a new document based on the previous information together with new information provided. A new cover letter is provided FREE or charge when ordering a résumé update.

Selection Criteria Guarantee

The guarantee: If you do not receive a job interview for a particular selection criteria application, we will prepare any additional selection criteria projects at 30% off the advertised price. Conditions: The client must submit the application online for the government application successfully and keep us informed of their progress, providing written notice of a declined notice of a potential interview. Our team at 1300 RESUME appreciate and understand that clients often apply for a number of government jobs following the completion of a selection criteria application. Hence 30% off advertised prices for additional projects allows our clients to afford ongoing assistance. Please note: due to the complexity of selection criteria applications and the 3-5 hours required to prepare these documents, we are not able to prepare additional selection criteria applications or even part-responses free of charge due to the time involved in undertaking each project. Hence, we are pleased to offer ongoing applications at a substantially discounted rate should you choose to gain professional assistance with more than 1 job application.

1300 Resume Refund Policy

All client fees for products, packages, consultations and preparation of career marketing documents as mentioned on this website are non-refundable as we provide a customised document for each client. Many hours of time, information gathering, wording and editing are spent working on each and every project undertaken and prompt responses to questions via email are required by the client to complete the project within the desired time frame. Project completion time is mutually agreed upon, often determined by the due date of the specific job application on average ranging from 5 to 10 working days, with more complex projects completed in 2 weeks when required. The client must carefully choose a resume package that is suitable to their needs, as no refunds are provided and once work has commenced incurs costs including time, labour and consultation. Unlimited changes and additions can be made, hence our professional resume writers are committed to working with you and listening to your needs regarding a project, with the ability to edit drafts and make alterations until final approval is achieved. The staff at 1300 RESUME does not and cannot guarantee an outcome of any particular job application, as we do not make the decision whether you receive a particular interview or particular job. Our mission and commitment is to create a professional career marketing document that will increase your chances of success. Your suitability to the roles applied for and the number of applications distributed all contribute to the outcomes of your career marketing campaigns.